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Have You Dealt With This?

Well, I just left my ENT appointment...

I've been dealing with loss of hearing & tinnitus for the last 9 years, and after a few different doctor's opinions over the years, the final diagnosis is: OTOSCLEROSIS.

Technically, it's an inherited disorder that causes hearing loss due to the ear's inability to amplify sound through the stapes bone. I've actually lost 50% of hearing in my right ear!!

So, my doc gave me two options in fixing this... hearing aids or stapedectomy surgery to help the bones of the ear vibrate more freely. EKKKKKK! I'm so scared about surgery. Did you know the stapes bone is the SMALLEST bone in your body!

Anyone dealt with either of these options: aids or surgery!?! I'd love to chat with you!!! Otherwise, just please say a prayer for me and my ears to make an educated decision.

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