• Sarah LaNore

Do you struggle with lunch, too?

People ask me all the time if it's a meal replacement, NO WAY!!!! I tried a meal replacement once and I almost threw up! #chalky #nasty #ugh BLECK! NEVER AGAIN!!!

I eat 6/7 small meals every single day and this shake is designed to give me all the nutrients I need while on my plan so I am never deprived of them And, it even acts as my daily multivitamin b/c it's got all the vitamins, collagen, probiotics, veggies, fruits, etc. my mom-bod needs! Works from the inside out and the biggest #win I've noticed are my SKIN, NAILS and HAIR!

Today I was craving strawberry peanut power plus from Smoothie King, so I just whipped up my version at home for an afternoon treat! Now, I savor it!

Want to try your own?? Contact me HERE & I will help you pick out a flavor you will like best to sample!

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