• Sarah LaNore

Do you strive for balance or chaos?

Someone asked me this over the holidays:

“Sarah, you have two kids (5 years apart), run a 6-figure online business, are a on-the-move military family and building your dream home ranchette in Texas. How do you stay in shape while balancing it all?”

And to that I say: First of all, I don’t strive for balance — I’ve learned to dance through the chaos of my own life. It ain’t pretty that’s for sure, but it’s to my own song and a fun beat But, I’ve also learned to allow myself to be equally as important as everyone else in my family. I make myself a priority, I carve out “me time” — and I’m a better mother, wife and woman because of it.

... However, this is not that “me time” I speak of! Haha! but definitely a check in my priority list box!

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