• Sarah LaNore

Do you reward yourself with food?

One thing I like to be real about with my clients is…try not to reward yourself with food. While it seems to soothe you and make you feel better as you eat bite after bite and it's easily found, the feeling is temporary. When you eat, your body releases dopamine, which “acts on the reward circuitry” in your brain, according to an article in “Psychology Today.” BE AWARE is the best thing you can do and also, since we aren't about depriving you of a simple plan for treats. And after a while, you will break the cycle of using food as a reward and rely on food as fuel, promise ;)

And here are a few non-food ways to reward yourself for your hard-work…so you don't undo your progress ;)

1. Buy a new workout outfit or kitchen gadget. You've hit a milestone in your health journey.

2. Pamper yourself. Get a massage or facial, relax!

3. Learn something new. You have made great progress in the gym, now try a new class, exercise, or dance!

4. Set a new goal.

5. Pay it forward.

6. Explore somewhere new.

7. Uninterrupted “you” time.

What are YOU going to reward yourself with the next time a reward is due?! ;) (like at the end of this month after you've crushed your goals)!!!

If you want daily inspiration & accountability to hit your goals, email me HERE! I am here to help you any way I can!

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