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Do You Ever Take Time Off?

Sooooo, the truth is I’ve taken the past 2 weeks off from working out because I did something to my lumbar... strain or sprain or pull (they all sound the same from my "Dr. Google" researching!)

If you know me, you know it's SUPER HARD for me to just REST, let alone sit still. It's not in my DNA or personality or vocabulary to do such a thing. I workout 6 days a week... because I love it. But, I listened to my body (and my husband) and completely rested, heated, stretched, walked, and even went to the chiropractor today for an adjustment and I'm already feeling so much better for it.

But the point of sharing this is that I understood it's OKAY TO REST. Now this might be a no brainer, but I myself have exercised through fevers, sinuses, surgeries and with injuries so I needed this. When working out is your livelihood and your passion, it's hard to take even 1 day off, but these past two weeks taught me that it actually did my body good to heal an injury and just sort of reset. Resting is part of the Transformation. And, here I am for the (gentle) comeback!

Treat your body well!

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