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Day Drinking? Yes Please!

Coach or not...some days I just don’t wanna! It's a Monday, I’m tired, it’s hot, I’m sore, feeling lazy & all I want to do is sleep in. 😩

But I KNOW I’ll feel a bazillion times better after a good 30 min sweat sesh. Isn’t it ironic that something that takes SO much energy can give that energy right back to us ten fold?💥

I mean, my fruity-tootie mommy "go-go" juice does help get me goin', too! Plant-Based, No jitters, all-natural....And I’m like GO WORKOUT!!! Today I mixed fruit punch ➕ mixed berry and it tastes like skittles!! 🍭

Once we lose our excuses, we find our results. 👊🏼 *deep breath aaaaaand go*

Want to try my mommy juice? Click below for more info!

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