• Sarah LaNore

Celebrate the Finish!

Wahoo!!!! We did it!!

We finished our VIP 9 week total body program today! It took a little more than 9 weeks due to some travel, an injury and just life happening, but by golly we’re DONE!!

Things I loved about this program:

  • 18-29 minute workouts

  • All new equipment & moves!

  • The workout cast were all 40+

  • Evening stretches included every night!

I’m feeling strong. I’m feeling confident. I’m sleeping better. My digestion is better.

And I’m just a happier person overall.

Celebrate the finish, but it’s not the end! We start a heavy weight lifting program tomorrow and I’m so excited to grow some lady lump muscles!

Want to try my at-home workouts & get my free meal plan? Click HERE!

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