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Anyone else just "winging" Motherhood, too?

I pretty much just wing motherhood on the daily...anyone else? ....No?!? Just me... But, the one constant in my day-to-day mommy-hood is getting sweaty & strong in front of my kiddos! I get lots of messages from moms asking me how to fit exercise into their day… and here’s my secret: just do it!

  • Make it fun, get your kiddos involved, or set them up with a show on the iPad and a yummy SNACK (yes! Lots of snacks!!)

  • Don’t wait for the perfect time to start taking care of you Momma's, because that will NEVER come.

  • Instead, just make it a daily habit. Be disciplined. Be consistent. Ditch your excuses and do whatever you need to do in order to get it done! Your kiddos will follow your lead... I promise!

This is one of my favorite 10 minute AB routines on my Sweat-flix workout app! My trainer is virtual and I love it!! For all you women out there who are busy, raising babies, crushing a career and need some ME time! This could be your jam!

It changed my life, taught me healthy habits and a mindset of lifelong health & fitness... and my kiddos are learning, too!

If you need and want to make a shift... you’ll want to join my next accountability group starting soon!!

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