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645 IS HERE!!!!

I have been pumped about this program all summer long, and now I can finally say it is available to EVERYONE! That’s right; our newest program is here and available to all customers and coaches, new and old. New programs always come with new pricing and great deals so this is the perfect time to recommit to our workout library, reconnect with a virtual accountability group or refocus your goals as we push through the second half of 2021!

645 is a 13 week long program focused on preparing the body to train and allowing it to recover appropriately for the most gains and results! If you join now, 13 weeks will take you to October so you will have the strength and confidence we all need as we take on the holidays! With 6 workouts a week at 45 minutes each, this program will keep us all moving at any ability level (there are modifiers for ALL ability levels, each step of the way!)

Our challenge pack bundle (aka the best savings!) is $20 off through the end of the month so don’t wait! I am so excited to see where this program takes us and don’t want you to miss reaching your peak with us!

Interested in 645? Email me HERE & reply “645” to save a spot in my virtual fit club and get your access Monday, July 19th when the program drops!

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