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Rules I made for my fitness LIFESTYLE!

want to know my simple rules?!

So, here’s the thing. I’m a mom of 2, I eat 🌮 🍕 🍫 🥞 in moderation. I like wine... a lot. 🍷

As a fitness Coach and someone passionate about health - I help you to make changes that are maintainable as a LIFESTYLE. 🙌

Here are my rules : 👌 Follow a simple meal plan M-F. 👌 Enjoy 2-3 treat meals on the weekend, they are not “cheat days”. 👌 Follow a fitness program (schedule into my day no matter what) 👌 Ask myself “Is this worth it?” This is huge. You have to have some self control #obviously! French fries? No. Pizza? Yes!

People always ask me if I "cheat on my diet." First, I don't diet! I can't stand that word or what it stands for! ✋🏼

I make healthy choices 85% of the time. Then I indulge in whatever I want the other 15% of the in this case with breakfast! The "all or nothing" mentality doesn't work for me. I don't wait for Monday to "start over" or "restart" because I never stop. It's a lifestyle of moderation not deprivation.

My next online fitness group is kicking off soon and I'll be teaching my ladies how to ENJOY all the fall foods WHILE making gains in their personal fitness goals... you know.. like rocking those skinny jeans! 👖👢💃🏼 I'm still on my journey, too! I know what it's like to feel frumpy in my swimsuit, to change a million times before going to a party, to cry because nothing fits! 😔 I don't want other women feeling that way!

So if you're interested in joining us and getting fit for fall WHILE enjoying yourself, click BELOW and I'll message you with more info! ❤️👯💌

And, if you need help with your nutrition or meal plans & finding healthier recipes and options, EMAIL ME ASAP for my Free 5-day Meal Plan!

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