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Did you Labor or Rest this weekend?

Happy Labor Day fit friends!

I know it's supposed to be a day of rest & relaxation, but if y'all know me, you know that I just can't help myself! Especially when it's an Ab workout on the schedule today! There is, after all, AB in L-AB-or Day! 😂

This is a circuit that you'll see in one of my virtual gym bootcamps this month!! If you missed the invite, there’s still room to join us for September Strong! So if you want in, click here: reply "ABs" to this email and I'll get your name on the list!

Share this one with your workout buddies! ❤️

It really targets those lower (post c-section) abs! 👌🏼

▶️ sit up twists x 30 sec

▶️ dolphin knee drop x 30 sec

▶️ bicycle twists x 30 sec

▶️ crunch teasers x 30 sec

▶️ up down hip tap x 30 sec

▶️ straight leg crunch x 30 sec

▶️ side to side knee dips x 30 sec

▶️ spider twists x 30 sec

▶️ scissor kicks x 30 sec

▶️ LCR crunch x 30 sec


Let's hear what you did this weekend? We hit up the beach! 🏖

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