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Whatcha Having For Lunch?

Would You EAT This for lunch?!

Post-Workout Meal ✔️

Today was all the cardio and I'm still sweating! I'm saving my chocolate superfood shake for dessert tonight (curbs my chocolate cravings at night🙌) so I used what's left of my #mombrain to put together this quick lunch! 😜 #finechinetdining

➕ Ezekiel toast (1 slice) ➕ cajun turkey breast (so good!) ➕ avocado (1/2) ➕ bacon crumbles ➕ hard boiled egg ➕ greek yogurt with PB topping

And, if you need help with your nutrition or meal plans & finding healthier recipes and options, EMAIL ME ASAP for my Free 5-day Meal Plan!

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