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Check Out this Mom Transforming Her Life!

I was blown away when Kiran posted these photos of the beginning of her recent fitness journey in our Virtual Fit Club -- do you see the difference between these pictures?!?!! 😲😳👏

After taking some time off of exercise for almost a year to sort through some personal things, Kiran was so nervous to start back up again. As a new single mom, she needed something she could do from home that was quick and effective. She loves lifting heavy, so I knew this new workout would be PERFECT for her! The workouts fit into any busy momma's schedule since they are only 35 minutes long and only 4 days a week.

"I’ve been through so much this year, with loads of ups and downs, but I’m still standing! I’m thriving! I’m finally giving myself what I deserve, and am treating myself like I do others."

In only 4 weeks, she's gained her confidence back, has tons of energy, is getting stronger, her clothes fit better and she's able to manage her day better mentally. The picture on the left is 2 months ago. She wasn’t carving out time in her day just for her, that would help her feel stronger and more vibrant. She was struggling. Her stress was high and her body was yelling at her.

The picture on the right is Kiran today. She's lost 6.5 inches, 2 lbs. and found her groove! Girlfriend, I'm so proud of you!!

If you want more details about this program, click here!

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