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80 Days later and I feel sooo PROUD

In the middle of January, a group of us started this 80 day abs & booty program, and last week we checked off day 80! I have never felt so motivated and excited to stick to a plan. These results are real. These booty gains and mom abs are for real! 💪🏼 Being consistent is not easy....some of these women are moms, some work full time, some have every excuse I'm sure you've told yourself, too. This isn't E A S Y. But it's S I M P L E. 👌 The formula was simple: follow the workout program, eat according to the meal guide (whole foods based - so yah, we ate carbs! 🍞🧀🥑), check in and support each other. Pick each other up when one falls down. 💞 In 80 days, it will be the 4th of July. Imagine where YOU could be! I'm ready to support 5 more women that want to do this program too - Want in?

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