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Did You Get Your Workout In?

Baby bro was in another one of his “mommy attachment” modes today (just call it manic Monday) and it totally postponed my workout from happening earlier this morning.... and then, obviously interfered a little when I finally pushed play on my workout at 3:30pm this afternoon! 🤪 . No, I’m not complaining at all... I love being home with my babe. I love being able to workout in front of him, with him by my side, hoping it’s inspiring him to love to sweat one day, too. I love that I don’t even have to leave the house to go to work at my full-time fitness coaching “job” either! . Anyways, here it is. Proof that I got it done on a Monday, when I could have just skipped it and blamed the baby. It’s not perfect. Actually, it’s more like crazy chaos. But when you love something, you’ll do anything for it, right? Be it your kids or your own health! 🙌🏻 . I get questions ALL the time about how I get my workout in without the kids, and my answer always is I don’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . I actually really enjoy when I get to press play while the kids are up and/or home. One, it gives me hope for quiet time when one goes down for a nap & the other rests (or is at school), and two, it lets them see their mommy setting a good example for them. . It’s not being selfish. It’s not being a bad mom. It’s not having your priorities wrong. It’s not wasting your time. . So let go of that mommy guilt, because what you’re actually doing IS spending time with your Littles, being a super role model, and teaching them independent play with you close by. 💗 . Making my workout time a priority has been one of the best things in my mommy-fitness-journey. When I sweat, I’m full of energy and happy, and when I get my kiddos involved, they are too! It’s become a favorite “thing” for us that we look forward to every day! . Oh! And PS - I’m opening my December accountability group for holiday prep week, so don’t forget to comment below or message me if you’re wanting more info. We’re just a bunch of mamas on the same journey (so you don’t feel alone) who are ready to make YEAR END RESOLUTIONS and NOT pack on the standard 10 lb holiday weight gain! Come be a part of it with us! 💪🏻👭👭

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