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I'm looking for women that want to transform their bodies and lose at least 10 pounds. I’m a busy mama of 2 kids, 1 year postpartum, an ex-gym fanatic, and ex-cardio junkie and I have found something that has made me feel amazing on the inside and out! And I am truly passionate about paying it forward! Enrollment is now open for my virtual 💪🏻Fit Momma Bootcamp group💪🏻!!! We'll all follow a workout calendar that delivers incredible results along with a meal plan that is super simple (and even family friendly) and is designed to fuel your body to scorch fat in all the right spots. I'll be doing it right along side you the whole way through and you'll get everything you need so there's no guesswork and you know exactly what to eat and what workout to do every single day. And you don't even have to leave your house to do it either! 👌🏼 So who's in? Who wants to rock their body starting RIGHT NOW??? Here's what I want you to do -->> Click the image above, it will take you to my facebook post - Comment "🙋" or “INTERESTED” below and I'll get you info asap! Who doesn't want to feel more confident in their skinny jeans👖this winter?!! I know I do!

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