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Would you wear this bra?

New workout clothes give me all the post-workout endorphins!! 🤩 If you ever wonder why fitness peeps share their workouts it’s because they bring them SO MUCH JOY! Just like you post your cute dog and adorable kiddo because it makes you happy! This brings us so many GOOD FEELINGS! ✨

Isn’t it funny that science tells us that eating certain foods or getting enough sleep makes us feel better and happier and we ignore that?! It’s even funnier that post-workout endorphins are a REAL THING and we still ignore that, too! 30 minute workout is ☑️ and I’m happy I did it because 40 minutes ago I was SLEEPY from traveling all day yesterday and didn’t wanna workout.

All I have to do is put on my cute workout clothes (THIS SPORTS BRA, ya'll 😍!!! How cute is it?!?!?!), turn up some music and drink my pre-workout and BAM!💥 WORKS EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Plus, my Virtual Wellness Studio babes are showing UP and they motivate me like crazy! 👏💪👏 You ready to do this thing with us yet through the holidays??! Click HERE for more info!

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