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Why I Exercise With My Kids!

I exercise with my kids....... A lot.

They watch me, they do my workout with me, they climb all over over me adding extra weight to the mix, or they play with their toys creating extra obstacles for me to jump over...

I truly feel like this is both a gift for me and for them.

For me: They are my biggest motivation to move my body daily! I want to do what I can to be around for as long as I can for them. And, if they see their Momma working out and being healthy every day... well!

For them: They get to spend time doing something fun with me! Yes... exercise is and should be fun! They learn their bodies can do amazing things and that they can be strong and confident little human beings.

So, today Jack and I bring you a killer total body workout. Crazy that a little incline step can create so much extra resistance and burn!!!

I would LOVE to have some gal pals join me for the start of my next February Fix booty-camp! We’re going to work on FIXin’ yo food, FIXin’ yo fitness, and gettin’ results in the most EXTREMEly awesome way! And best part? You’re going to have a team of others to support you and hold you accountable! (Plus a discount! )

So... who wants to join?!?! Click HERE for more info!

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