• Sarah LaNore

Try this ab move!!

This is one of my favorite workouts this week... a double burner workout of arms and abs!!! I'm coming for ya sexy summer shoulders & core!!

Ya know... I was working out this morning thinking about how I always used to have the mindset (former college athlete) that I had to go to the gym to get in a good sweat session!

That I had to have a personal trainer. But when I had my kiddos, it wasn’t realistic for me to spend extra money on childcare, and then I had 2 kids who hated being away from me so it was torture dropping them off! And I hated the Mom guilt!!

My gym is on my iPad (I call it my Sweat-flix), my trainer is virtual, all the equipment is included and I love it!! For all you women out there who are busy, raising babies, crushing a career and need some ME time— this could be your jam!

It changed my life, taught me healthy habits and a mindset of lifelong health & fitness. When you make it fun, it sticks and becomes a lifestyle you can continue with every day!

If you need and want to make a shift... you’ll want to join my Summer Strong accountability bootcamp kicking off this month!! Click HERE for more info!

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