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Try My Killer Arm Workout!

Need a killer arm workout while you’re stuck at home?!? This one is a burner from my new muscle burning program!🔥💪🏻

🔥single arm bent over row lifts x10 each arm 🔥single arm 90/90 shoulders x10 each arm 🔥bicep rotators x10 🔥renegade rows x10 each side 🔥tricep rocker lifts x10 🔥single arm chest press doubles x10 each arm

Repeat circuit 3 times 😅

What’s a personal goal you’ve been working on during your quarantine? ⁣ I just wanna keep getting Mom-strong! Still feeling the stress of yesterday, but after this killer arm workout today, I'm gonna be strong enough to carry both my kiddos at the same time!🤣

Want to try this muscle burning workout? Click below for a free sample!

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