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The Housework Can Wait...Right?

Enjoying yet another lazy summer day with my little loves!!

I've enjoyed so much getting to be home with them this summer... even given the crazy quarantine circumstances. 🙂

Funny thing I was thinking today during my workout... which, by the way, was all about balancing with weights! Balancing on ☝🏻 leg is hard enough as it is, but then add in 20 pound weights & it's even harder! 😩

And so as I was trying BALANCE one legged with a dumbbell on my hip, I totally related this workout to LIFE.... and having to balance all the "weights" that come our way and try to tip us over. AKA the "Juggle Struggle." You know, trying to juggle being a mom, running a business from home, buying a new truck, getting tested for and praying you don’t have COVID-19, planning summer activities to keep kids busy but quarantined, and something that just always comes last... taking care of the HOUSE! UGH. It's a disaster. Because I keep waiting and waiting for Mary Poppins to swoop in on her umbrella so she can snap her fingers and these clothes/toys/dishes/etc just clean and put themselves away. But, that girl has done stood me up (again) and I have {house} work to do.

For all of you asking me "how do you balance it all?" Simple... my house stays a mess!!

LOL!! 😂 But I do get my work done, and I keep the kids alive, and my hubby still loves me at the end of the day. I figure raising kids and chasing dreams only comes once in a lifetime... but the housework will always be there.😊

I really need to go fold the laundry, but just 5 more minutes of snuggles please! 🙏🏻

Want info on my at-home workouts I do? Click below!

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