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Smokehouse Maple Meatloaf Recipe!

Have I mentioned that I don’t cook anything that’s complicated or takes a lot of time?! I honestly don't like to cook, so I need quick, easy, and HEALTHY recipes!!!!

This Smokehouse Maple Meatloaf is so full of flavor! I highly recommend adding it to your week night dinner rotation or meal prep! Add some veggies & a healthy carb and dinner couldn’t be easier! My whole family begs for this one and gobbles it up!


1lb. of organic/grass-fed ground beef.

Combine with 1 cup of ritz crackers + 1Tbsp onion powder + 1 egg + splash of Worcestershire sauce + 2Tbsp of barbecue sauce + 1/2Tbsp of Smokehouse Maple seasoning + 1/2tsp pepper, 1tsp pink salt in a bowl!

Mix everything together and put into loaf pan.

Bake @ 350 for 45 minutes (or until inside temp 160).

Once done, let cool for 5 minutes.

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