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Real Talk, There's a Fine Line!

I know I can't be the only one who's told myself in the past I'm making "excuses" instead of recognizing, grace is a part of this wellness lifestyle. We don't always have to be go-go and powering through to the point of burn-out. And on the flipside, you can't always give yourself grace and not push through. It's a fine line but I'm confident we all know ourselves good enough to call ourselves on our ish. Agree?

Today, I want to share a few diff examples with you to ensure we go into week 2 with a clear mindset of how we will implement grace. You with me?!

GRACE says mistakes aren't fatal; EXCUSES use mistakes as a reason to quit.

GRACE recognizes that progress is more important than perfection; EXCUSES use perfection as a reason to procrastinate.

GRACE sees that people are not perfect and offers forgiveness; EXCUSES use failure as a reason to write someone off.

GRACE gives you the ability to try again tomorrow; EXCUSES allow you to give up.

GRACE understands the bigger picture; EXCUSES fixate on the small details.

GRACE offers courage; EXCUSES propagate fear.

GRACE brings hope; EXCUSES make you feel hopeless.


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