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New Hybrid Workout Program!

Week one of the new program and I’m already feeling stronger!

I told you this hybrid program was LEGIT! 🔥

Today was more resistance focused... but tomorrow is all the core&cardio!

Tune into my stories to see the real-time footage of me huffing and puffing while pushing through these 45 minute workouts!

Here are a few moves you can try if you have FOMO (because I have a ridiculous number of ladies doing this with me and we are all pushing through it and getting stronger together!)


Do each move for 15 reps, then repeat the circuit from the start! 👊🏻 And I’m curious - what are you more interested in SCULPTING: 💚 your abs? 💙 your legs? 💜 your arms?

Want to do this program with me??? Click below to apply!

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