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Let's Talk Meal Prep!

Sunday's are all about planning, prepping and relaxing before the new week, but right now, I'm feeling like I want to revisit my Sunday routine and give it a little makeover. Anyone with me?!

I was talking to a friend recently whom I really admire and she said the things that help her on Sunday's include: not setting an alarm, always washes the bed sheets on Sunday's because hello freshly clean sheets and sleeping better, and she always meal preps.

Which, let's talk meal prep for a hot minute. SO IMPORTANT. This doesn't mean spending all the money at the grocery store and spending your entire Sunday cooking/dirtying every single dish in your kitchen. Chill, friend ;) I pretty much always eat some of the same things during the week so of course I cook them ahead of time on Sunday's (protein, roast or steam some veggies, peel/free bananas). Food is fuel and doesn't always need to be a party in your mouth ;)

And for those of you who want to hear from the expert herself and get some simple ideas:

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