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Have you wanted a spin bike, too?

I don’t know why I waited so long to get a spin bike, but man I’m LOVING my new MYX bike!!!

This ride was KILLER!!! Our super trainers teamed up and created a killer live class with cycle weights!

-8 minute tabata ride -8 minute weight circuit -8 minute hill climb ride -4 minute weighted AMRAP circuit

I. Am. Dead. But gosh what a way to torch a ton of calories while preserving muscle and having so much FUN!

I LOVE everything about this bike!!

- Interactive swivel touchscreen tablet - In-workout data: heart rate, speed, cadence, & distance - Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor - Thousands of workouts with new sessions added weekly - Pairing capability with Apple Watch

I am starting a BODi Shop group for women who might be ready to change things up!! Come finish the year strong with us! (If you already have a bike, join us)!!

Click HERE to email me to get started!

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