• Sarah LaNore

Have you seen these workout leggings?

Do you have your favorite pair of leggings that you want to wear for everything, everyday!?

These are mine. They are the softest, most comfortable & the best quality I have ever owned. They are relaunching along with lots of other goodies this morning in tons of colors, & of course I can get you a $25 off discount code! If you want to check these out, just text or email me for the link & coupon 📲 ‪817-458-8387 / 📧 email and I'll send right over‬! (these would make a great Christmas gift for you, Mamas!)

I partnered with this new athleisurewear line because it’s all I want to wear & fits right in line with my mission of styling your own version of your healthiest & happiest life! With sizes from XS-3X it’s fun & empowering making every women feel her best!

Now, which color should I get myself for Christmas?

💖Desert Rose



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