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Hall Pass To Healthy!

All About HALL PASS TO HEALTHY September Wellness Club



September is upon us, the kiddos/teachers are headed back to school (well sort of) and so are we! We are taking things into our own virtual classroom this month, a health & wellness classroom…and not the pass/fail type either!

Lesson plans include positivity, learning, growing and of course fun - carpet sharing, history 101, pop quizzes, show and tell and of course weekly progress reports! I'll have a new monthly recipe E-Book focused on simple lunches and for those of you who aren't quite sure what program you want to commit to, I’ve got you with my BOD mash-up calendar!

When the world/our people, etc. are pulling us in so many directions, we have to know that our goals, plans, to-do's matter, too! Time to commit, make progress and be persistent and consistent in the pursuit to achieving our goals together!

You ready to grab your hall pass to healthy and earn some A's for your effort?

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