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Give this quick Ab Blaster a try!

Grab one weight + a little space + 10minutes!

That’s all this Quick Ab circuit took... well that and some motivation—because we all know that sh@$ comes from within!

See, I’ve learned that workouts DON’T have to be boring, super long and monotonous. Who else used to spend 20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the treadmill, and 20 minutes doing weight machines on and NEVER see results!?! I know it wasn’t just me!

But once I started doing these at-home workouts with VARIETY, I saw IMMEDIATE results {and I wasn’t bored out of my dang mind}!

So if you’re bored with your routine and not seeing results, give what I do a try! I promise you’ll have fun!

Here’s a QUICK AB BLASTER workout to give you a peek & help you tone your abs, back, arms, and booty!

Do each move for 30 seconds

Repeat circuit 2-3x

WARNING: your abs will be sore tomorrow!!

I have a FEW spots left in my Holiday Hustle virtual fit club! So if you want to join us and get access to all my workouts, meal plans, superfoods (which definitely help with my holiday sweets cravings and energy levels), tips for finding that balance, and a community of other gals so you aren’t alone, click HERE for more info!

This will literally be the BEST gift you give yourself! #thegiftthatkeepsongiving

I'm looking for the ladies who want to go into 2021 with momentum, NOT 10 extra lbs to lose!

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