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Do you need a mind shift?

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Have you ever woken up late, panicked, and then felt like nothing good happened for the rest of the day? You started out the day with a negative emotion… and that pessimistic view carried into every other part of your day!

Every morning won’t be perfect but a good way to start your day with positivity is affirmations. Talk to yourself in the mirror as you get ready for the day; try these statements to hype yourself up for the best Monday (or any day) ever.

✨ I choose to do great things today.

✨ I am ready to start the day.

✨ I am in charge of my life.

✨ Today I will enjoy each moment to the fullest.

✨ I choose kindness today.

How do your mornings usually go? How can you shift your mindset to help set the tone for the day?

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