• Sarah LaNore

Do You Mix it up, too?

Yes I have a treadmill! And I love to run intervals on it on Sunday's. I also workout from home, run outside, and even make up my own workouts.

I just LOVE sweating to different things; fitness is like a sport to me! #formersoccerplayer

It's fun to mix things up in between my Beachbody programs, and even make my own hybrids with some of them, too!

I think there’s this misconception that you can’t be a Beachbody coach unless that’s the ONLY workouts you ever do. LIKE SO WRONG!

There's nothing wrong with it if it IS all you do. And there’s nothing wrong if that’s NOT the only thing you ever do.

Am I Right?! 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️

If you would like help finding the right program for you, click here!

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