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Come Try My #VirtualGym!

I restarted my favorite 3 week workout program this week because, YES! It’s that awesome!!!

Leg day means Mama pushed some HEAVY weights today! Went up to THIRTIES on a couple of the leg exercises!!

I know there are some weight lifting mommas out there, too!

Y'all I know I love me some weights!!! Don't get me wrong, I love cardio: HIIT, running, etc., but if you want to get lean results, LIFT SOME WEIGHTS.

Hard work beats talent any day of the week, and myself, my Coaches, my girls in my #VirtualGym ... we KNOW what it takes to get results. So join us, there’s ALWAYS room! Or let me know if you want to try this workout for free!

And you never know who you might inspire along the way...

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