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Choose Discipline Over Motivation!

Choose discipline over motivation: Discipline sets the alarm clock, grabs the apple instead of candy bar, and makes the right decisions. Motivation wanes, is a momentary fix, and depends on the external rewards.

Discipline will BEAT motivation every time!

This month I started a new fitness program with several disciplined ladies! It FIRED ME UP to see each and every one of them take their very first step! It reminded me of all my day 1’s (gosh, there have been so many of them!) Days where I wasn't motivated to show up, but I just put one foot in front of the other. And that one step created a domino effect of showing up every single day, committing to the entire program, investing in the nutrition, and plugging into the community! It’s a massive formula for success that I want everyone to experience!

Click HERE for more info! You’ve gotta be a part of this!!!

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