• Sarah LaNore

April Fools?!

Anyone else wishing the whole world would just say APRIL FOOLS?! 😣

I’m hugging my littles a bit tighter (when they’re not at each others’ throats from being stuck together for so long…. Heaven help us all), and seeing the beauty of a community working together in a WHOLE NEW WAY.

It’s times like these that my gratitude for my online fitness tribe of women has deepened to another LEVEL, y’all.

How have you kept up your fitness routine at home?? Need more accountability?? You are welcome to join my online fit camp starting soon! We are going to be focusing on clean eating, healthy portion sizes, daily workouts, daily challenges, & of course our accountability! This is a going to be an amazing group of women!! Just fill out the form below if you are interested in joining us & want more info!

>>> Fit Camp Application <<<

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