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Did you see my results? ❤️

✨ Home Workouts Changed My Life ✨

I can’t believe that I used to turn my nose up to home workouts!! I had been a routine gym junkie for as long as could remember. I loved using all of the machines, going to all of the ab classes and enjoying that time for just me.

But then something COMPLETELY CHANGED. After having my daughter 8 years all stopped. I never made it to the gym anymore and my results started slipping. I wasn’t getting my body back as quickly as I had planned. I was motivated, but...

✌️I'm a SUPER BUSY MAMA and the 30 minute travel time to the gym meant I wasn't getting there very often which meant I felt defeated and I would self-sabotage my progress.

✌️Needing childcare every day was a STRUGGLE. It was expensive and IMPOSSIBLE to not feel guilty for going to the gym leaving my kiddos behind.

✌️The class schedules never worked with my schedule. I needed a workout schedule that was flexible and could be moved around as my busy life changed. Not the other way around.

Instead of focusing on me working around the gym {something that was once so easy for me to do!}, I found a mom life hack that made getting to the "gym" EASY BREEZY, made needing childcare NON-EXISTENT and always worked around my SCHEDULE {YES! You heard right}. And it has been LIFE-CHANGING being so consistent. 💪💪

I'm so excited to share my progress and if your intuition is going on because you've been WAITING for something EXACTLY like this, let's TALK.

♥️, Sarah

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