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My mornings look TOTALLY different now

Mornings are my favorite! And I take them nice and slow. ☕️

The coffee pot is my alarm clock and usually goes off at 6:30 or 7. Sometimes I have coffee in bed, other days I prop up at the kitchen table with my laptop and get to work.

Then, when the kids wake up, we make breakfast, I do my workout and start my day.

I savor these slower mornings in the summertime with my kiddos.

THIS is what I visualized every morning, seven years ago when I decided to leave my corporate job and be a stay at home mom.

This is what motivated me to set my alarm for 4:30 AM to work on this dream before the baby woke up.

Because now I never have to set an alarm, pack a lunch bag, diaper bag, computer bag, and rush to hand my baby over and spend 8 hours at a job I don’t want to be at.

I had a clear vision for what I wanted and was willing to sacrifice sleep and work really hard to make it a reality.

Anything is possible with vision and hustle. If you want your life to change, decide exactly what you want and then work your booty off to make it happen.

✨ Don’t say you “don’t have time” - because we always make time for the things we really want. 😉

And, I’m curious... who makes their coffee with a percolator?!? I’m tempted to order one today because I hear it’s such amazing brews! ☕️

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