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Hurry!!! It's Last Call!

You only have 1 MORE DAY to get in and save $20 on my new, favorite 20-Minute STEP HIIT program! I’ll be honest — it is hard. But it will be the most productive 20 minutes of your day as you transform your abs, glutes, and core while you're motivated to give everything you’ve got.

The Promo Pack includes: • 36 unique workouts with no breaks and no weights required • 6 BONUS workouts • 6 BONUS workouts with weights, if you want even more of a challenge • Optional Beachbody Step (supplies are limited) • Daily motivation to get your mind right as you get your body tight • An easy to follow nutrition plan to get you even better results Your total savings could be up to $285 depending on the pack you choose (savings compared to buying each item separately, plus an additional $20 off). I’ve been doing these home workouts for about 7 years now, and love the flexibility of home workouts with 2 busy kiddos to keep up with! However, as consistent as I may be, I was actually really nervous about starting and FINISHING this 20 minute Step HIIT workout. I was skeptical about the 20 minutes, afraid to go strictly cardio with no weights, and it's like no other workout I have ever done before!

But..... 6 weeks later, I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it! I showed up every day and CRUSHED every workout. I have been super consistent with my nutrition & water intake and the results speak for themselves!

No stopping this Momma NOW!! I'm ready to rock my bikini on our Caribbean Cruise in 1 MONTH! We can all get the body we want! And we can all feel great in our bodies!!! If you need an accountability partner, let’s lock arms and do this! Round 2 starts next week! 👊

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