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Still Searching For Your Passion?

I've always been multi-passionate. 💙💜💚

Growing up, I didn't just do one activity. I sang in the choir, practiced gymnastics, played soccer, took art classes and even played the piano.

That didn't change with time. I changed my major in college several times, too! And thankfully still graduated on time 🤪 I started as a pre-pharmacy major (taking after mom & dad), then switched to chemistry, then nutrition, then fashion (because my roommates were doing it and it seemed fun), then finally stuck with marketing!

And, even after graduating with my BBA, I've changed my career path multiple times, following my heart and learning just what I love. That's when coaching just fell into my lap.😻 Finally the dream job I was looking for!!!

Every day I get to... ✅ Run my very own business (**no one tells me what to do. I get to make all the choices) ✅ Teach others which is so deeply satisfying

✅ Exercise and live a balanced life (**not just for me, but for my family and to inspire others) ✅ Network with other AMAZING women who I learn SO MUCH from. My best friends have come from coaching.

✅ Help contribute to our family income, which has now grown to over 6-figures! ✅ Be present for my kiddos, which is my most important priority & commitment And so much more...

So if you've been searching for balance, passion, and living your best life (like I was), click here for some info on what I actually do! 😍

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