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I Had a HUGE List of Things I Would NOT Do As a Parent.....Before I Became a Parent..😂

Before we had kids, we said we would NEVER be those parents who only take our kids to pizza places and chick-fil-a. We wanted to “fold them into our life” and not change anything. 😂😂 Ha! We’re totally pizza and chick-fil-a people now.....they should add humble pie to their menu. 🤪 Mama didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so here’s dinner kids! I also said I’d never: -have a messy car with goldfish crumbs (✅), -be a super strict nap-nazi (✅) -buy clothes with characters on them (✅), -buy those cheese-puff snack things (✅) .....why can’t I think of the 1,000,000 other things I said I’d never do?!

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