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What Would a Little Extra Cash Each Month Do For Your Family?

FACT: I would do anything to be home with my kids. FACT: I now have a part-time job that keeps me healthy, fit & allows me to be a positive role model to my kids. FACT: It has allowed me to not have to go back to my HR Corporate job, to buy a new car, and to pay cash for our 12.5 acre dream home property in Texas... which allows us to BREATHE and plan for the future. FACT: I do it all from home. Even on the weekends. With my cute babies by my side. 💕 What would $500, $1000 or even a little more do for your family? Would it allow you to breathe each month? To break the paycheck to paycheck cycle? To maybe pay down some debt? To save up for a family vacation? Plan for the future? As a Mom who wanted to be home for my kids AND contribute financially, I had to start somewhere. It all started with one simple decision. Thank goodness I just went for it! 🙌 I'd love to tell you more about this "work-at-home-fitness-gig" that I call a job! Like my fitness page and/or send me a message.

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