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Shift Shop Pre-Launch!


THIS is going to be the most amazing group yet! Join us for the pre-launch of the Shift Shop Workout Program with Beachbody's newest trainer, Chris Downing. This group will get everyone prepped and ready to officially start July 24th.

We will focus on workouts and nutrition during this 2 weeks so we can begin the Shift Shop together as a group on July 24th.

This group will provide: -600+ workouts through Beachbody On Demand; -9 meal plans and shopping lists for your use; -Hundreds of recipes to help you plan and prepare; -Portion Controlled Meal Plan System; -30 days of Shakeology at $70 OFF!; and -Personal Coaching and Accountability to get you through the time we will spend together.

What is the Shift Shop Workout? It is a 3 week rapid rebuild program. It is for anyone who wants to ramp up their fitness fast. It's designed to give you results through a variety of cardio and strength training workouts... you build each week, so --

Week 1 workouts are 25 minutes Week 2 workouts are 35 minutes Week 3 workouts are 45 minutes

And, each week alternates between cardio/agility and strength training + core 6 days a week for 3 weeks.. The only equipment you need is a light and heavy set of dumbbells!


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