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I Bet You Didn't You Know This About Me!?

Let's have some FUN! There’s a few new people here! (HUGE welcome!) So I thought I could reintroduce myself by coming up with 10 random facts about me. 🤪

1. My middle name is “Nicole.”⁣⁣⁣ So, yes, my initials are "SNL."

2. I love the smell of gasoline, sharpie markers and nuts. (weird I know.)⁣⁣⁣

3. I've had plastic surgery... but not where you're thinking! 😂 I was bit in the face by a black lab when I was 5 and had 56 stitches to "fix my face." My plastic surgeon was AH-MAZING!

4. The first car I ever drove was my 1998 Honda Accord! It was the perfect first car and I felt so cool driving it. It was navy blue leather interior and had a sunroof! 🚗

5. My first job was at Sonic as a car-hop! I made some good tips on those roller skates! 🤣

6. I played D1 women's soccer at Stephen F. Austin State University. I miss playing so much but still cheer those girls on today! ⚽️

7. I've had 2 c-section deliveries. 1st one was emergency--never saw it coming! 2nd one was planned and I'll probably always be working on my postpartum abs! :)

8. I love jazz music. Not to workout to, but just chill to. It reminds me of my dad -- it was his favorite, too! But for my workouts -- I need a good rap beat!

9. My kids' middle names are both named after me and my hubby, Marc. Emma Nicole (8) and Jackson James (3).

10. My last name (LaNore) is French. And it’s pronounced just how it’s spelled... LA-nor. Not LEE-nor-a. You’d be surprised by how many people get that wrong. 🤷‍♀️⁣⁣⁣

Annnnd there’s 10 random facts about me! Do we have anything in common?!?


If you’ve been thinking about becoming a coach with my incredible team and would like for me to send a video to you, send me an email and I’ll message you the link or just click here!

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