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Do You Have A Girl Gang Like This?

I debated posting all these photos from my girl gang getaway in Sundance this weekend, but I thought, hey... you know what? If I’m going to ask others to join my incredible team, I hope they will be up for joining us on trips like this in the near future!

After being here in Utah these past few days, I received a couple of messages asking me what exactly is it that I do. I know, I know.... I really don’t post about it enough!

So... here it is laid all out for you as clear as I can be. No beating around the bush or babbling some great big life story. In short - I’ve been able to build a six-figure business (annual commissions) in the last 6 years with the Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity. It’s not something I ever, EVER saw myself doing, but when you find something that totally fills your heart, passions, and hobbies what do you do? You jump in, give it your all and go for it! I took the tools that the company gave me and the products I use every day and I shared my journey to create a booming business. To date, I’ve helped thousands of people discover their greatest potential with their fitness goals, and I’ve also helped other coaches on my team build successful businesses, too! For those who aren’t familiar with it, Beachbody is an amazing home fitness and nutritional company that pays its reps (aka: coaches) for simply helping others while they work on their own health and fitness transformations.

You see, every woman hanging out with me this weekend has also done what I've done: ELEVATED their accountability by committing to a (or several) fitness and nutrition programs. They've wrapped their arms around others along the way and become a guiding light

to show them what is possible. Many of them have quit their full time jobs as nurses, counselors, HR managers, teachers, physical therapists, etc. because they’ve more than DOUBLED, even TRIPLED their income doing what they absolutely LOVE while they stay at home and raise their babies. ♥️

It brings me so much joy to help people get on track with their fitness goals, but it brings me even greater joy to soak in the PRIDE I have for these ladies and my teammates who decided they were going to go for it and design a life they love! Knowing I had a small part in showing them what was possible with this opportunity is so fulfilling! And gosh! How lucky did I get to help build a community of fantastic leaders who work hard but also understand balance and realize there’s always a need get out in nature and relax with your girls! 👭👭👭

So this is us. A tribe of uplifting, like-minded ladies who are looking for more crazies like us that have big dreams, too!


Here’s the deal... I have a quick 10 minute video all about what we do as coaches. It will only take you 10 min. to complete, but it’s very thorough and gives you all the info you’ve been looking for if you’ve been thinking about becoming a coach with my incredible team! If you would like for me to send it to you, send me an email and I’ll message you the link or just click here!


For legal purposes: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success. Each coach’s income depends on his/her work ethic, diligence and skill... but listen girlfriends, if I can do it, so can you 😘

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