• Sarah LaNore

You NEED this Sports Bra!

Do you have that favorite sports bra that you just love!?!

Well this one is mine. I put it on yesterday and didn’t want to take it off… It’s so comfortable I barely even knew I was wearing one. I can wear it all day—with a blouse/nice top for zoom meetings (it acts as bralette) or rock it solo for a sweaty workout. Seriously it does all the good things! Lifts those itty bitty titties, holds everything in place, covers any side boob, super supportive/high impact, and no back rolls!

I’m just over here in love with my new sports bra and wanted to share.

If you want info on it, I have four $25 off coupons (first come first served) so e-mail me HERE! real quick to snag yours!

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