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What Just Happened?!

What the what just happened?! 🤪🤷🏼‍♀️💦

Finished Week 2 of my Muscle Burns Fat program yesterday & I’m SHAKING & SWEATING my arse off today!!

Thank goodness it’s only 30 minutes and that I'm done! 😂

Summer. Shred. Mode. On. 👊🏻

If you want to try this asymmetrical leg day, here ya go: 💪🏻 double squat w/ curtesy lunge x 10 each side 💪🏻 up back lunges x 10 💪🏻 deadlift x 10 💪🏻 side lunge x 10 each side 💪🏻 single leg RDL x 10 each side Repeat 2 times!

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