• Sarah LaNore

We're getting closer to a diagnosis!

This girl right here.. We love her so very much!

As parents, you always say you'd do anything for your child, right!? And you don't really understand what that means or looks like until you're having to stand up and advocate for them in front of several doctors.

We always knew sweet, little Emma was a tough cookie, but after a scary diagnosis last year, then lost of tests, extensive therapy, more appointments, tele-health consults, endless nights of research, and now a more definitive (& scarier) diagnosis, we see just what a WARRIOR she really is!

Her prognosis is still being determined after another MRI and consult from our neurosurgeon (so we'll share more once we know more), but right now, our family is SO grateful for all the love and support we receive during this uncertain time.

Please keep sending up healing prayers for our sweet Warrior Princess!

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