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We Built a Barn!

We're making progress on the Texas property (13 acres we bought 3 years ago) this week! And, it’s pretty surreal to see our dreams coming alive right before our eyes! ⁣ I’ve been working long and hard on these dreams for a while now... 8 years to be exact. It’s the reason I started my fitness business with Beachbody. I wanted to help contribute to my family’s income. I wanted to build a place to call home for my transient military family. I want to leave a legacy for my kiddos when I’m long and gone. And I couldn’t be happier to see our hard work paying off and our dreams coming true! ⁣

And if you’re the least bit curious about what this at-home, "getting paid to workout" side hustle turned 6-figure dream job is that I do, click the link below👇🏻 and I’ll share my no-strings-attached info video for you to take a peek and learn a little more about it!

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