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Sometimes a little rest is good!

I had my one week post-ear-surgery appointment last week, and my surgeon said on day ten I was cleared for exercise. So today was my first workout in almost 3 weeks and I have the sweaty selfie to prove my 15 minute workout really happened!

No pain, but it did feel “weird”. I modified and I plan to listen to my body and just see how it goes.

But honestly, it’s amazing how that 15 minute workout has affected my mood for the better! Between Emma’s surgery and mine I have felt more in survival mode than thriving mode, but this was JUST the boost I needed.

A little update for those of you asking... I had an ear surgery 2 weeks ago (Stapedotomy) and after dealing with some nasty bouts of vertigo, my healing is slowly progressing! I’m less and less dizzy every day, feeling no ear pain at all, and can walk a straight-ish line when I try really hard! Hearing isn't back yet, but my faith is strong that it will be soon!

Thanks for all of you who’ve been giving me solid advice, many prayers, and loads of help (Mom, for driving me 10 hours back home!)

Every day a little closer. One day at a time.

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