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One Last Hug.

June is a bittersweet month for me – I’m happy to see it coming along on the calendar, and then super sad to see it coming to an end.

This month (June 2014) marks the day that we lost my dad. It was completely out of the blue, with no warning or even a chance to say goodbye. He was just gone. In his sleep. No pain, or suffering or anything. Pulmonary embolism to his lungs just took his breath away and sent his soul to Heaven. I remember that day and the phone call I got so VIVIDLY. I remember the tears, I remember the quivers in my mom's voice and I remember what Emma told me after I got off the phone.

She said, "Mommy, you don't have to be sad. Poppy told me he's okay and the white angels took him to be safe."

She had no idea what had happened. We hadn't told her anything, yet. So you can only imagine the comfort her words brought to my broken heart.

I made this photo book for Emma after my dad passed away 7 years ago. It was the best thing I could've done for her to get to see pictures of them together from her birth up until his passing. We read it almost every day and talked about all the fun things her and Poppy did together. I want her to remember everything she can about him.

So this morning, we pulled it again and started sharing all the sweet memories together. Flipping through our “Poppy Photo-book" sends me that daily reminder that life is so incredibly short and precious.

And, here, 7 years later, is the reason I wake up every morning, praise the Lord for life and try my best to live it to it's fullest & healthiest! EVERY single second we have on this Earth is sacred, yet so many people wake up dreading their day and routine. Wishing away the minutes of their lives.

But, not me. NOPE! I learned that life can be taken away from you in an instant. God's plans always take precedence over ours. Every plan we make should carry the conscious addendum, "As the Lord directs." And, I know that the Good Lord is making an amazing plan for our future family….by blessing us with another life after losing one so dear. Our sweet, little Jack, who will celebrate his 5th birthday on the first day of July. So, this year, while the end of June might bring tears of sadness, the beginning of July will bring tears of joy as we continue to celebrate LIFE.

So, make your plans for this week, this summer, and the coming year. Just allow God to direct your steps. And trust that if He changes your plans, it is a chance to walk by faith.

Oh, and, if your dad is still around, go give him a big hug or call him and tell him you love him just because. Will you do that for me?

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