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No One Is Perfect

I sat here for a long time trying to find the right words for this post...

I almost deleted this picture from my post-workout today, too. The old me tried to takeover and immediately looked at the cellulite on my thighs & the rolls in my tummy, instead of the smile on my face and the muscles on my bod.

My body is just like eveyone else’s—Not perfect.

It moves, it bends, it gets smushed against leather seats, it sags, it wrinkles, and it rolls when I sit down, too!

Perfect isn’t real.

The word perfect should not even exist because the word perfect implies an end, having zero fault. And it actually means being pure, and being flawless. #perfectlyimperfect

No one IS perfect, they should learn to FEEL perfect. Embracing the flaws that you have and feeling flawless. Because everyone is perfect the way they choose to be.

The dimples on my thighs don’t define my worth.

Neither do the rolls in my tummy or the number on the scale. My worth is a direct reflection of my health & my happiness.

I get asked all the time about how I got rid of my cellulite and my stretch marks.

The answer is: I didn’t. Clearly you can see it here.

I just got rid of the idea that little dimples and rolls and lines on my skin should have any bearing on my self-worth, my happiness, or my strength!

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